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Hi, My name is Weston. After my parents decided to ditch the busy city of Los Angeles, they decided to raise their family on the beautiful Central Coast of California. While growing up in Arroyo Grande, easy access to beaches, fishing the lake and hiking the mountains; photographing nature has always caught my attention. All through school, playing and watching sports was my main purpose. Photographing sports was even more fun.

When I graduated from Arroyo Grande High School in 2004, I attended Cuesta College, while working for Quiksilver. This was also the time I took my first B&W photography class.

I saved up some money and bought my first pro Nikon DSLR. Once my friends heard I bought a nice camera, the next thing I knew, I photographed a wedding as my first official, unpaid job.

In 2007 I was accepted to attend Cal Poly, SLO. I started studying Social Sciences with a concentration in Organizations.

October 2008 changed my life as I knew it. I had my first baby girl, with my amazing girlfriend (now wife). Yes, we had a baby while not married. I remember Erica’s water broke in the middle of the night, while I was studying for a midterm. Mylee Elizabeth was born that Morning. And yes, I got out of my Midterm.

While attending Cal Poly as a full time student, a father of a little girl and a supportive boyfriend; I photographed anything I could get my hands on. You name it, I have photographed it. But weddings had always stuck out. Not only did photography help me get through college and support my family, but I had so much fun while doing it.

June 2010 I graduated from Cal Poly with a B.S. in Social Sciences.

August 2010 I got to experience one of the most important events in my life. I married my best friend, Erica Purkey. Yes, our daughter, Mylee was the flower girl. I remember when Mylee started running toward me right before Erica joined me under two pepper trees. This moment connected together my missing pieces of my life, my two loves, Mylee and Erica. I could not even hold back any further and had to let the tears flow. I didnt see this, but there was talk that most of my groomsmen could not hold back either.

April 2012 was a turning point in not only our house, but our lifestyle. We had TWINS! Mia Fumiko & Kai Michael was born at 12:30 in the afternoon.

February 2013 We bought a house on the Arroyo Grande Mesa. It was a much needed upgrade from our last house. We finally got a yard for the kids and I got my own Office. Within a few month of moving in, we layed sod and bought the biggest play structure Costco sold.

After having such a crazy amazing life thus far, what’s a little more craziness? We found out that we are expecting another set of TWINS. Yes, it is crazy. Just when I thought a family of 5 was hard to say, a family of 7 is even harder.

After hearing about my life story, as a professional photographer, what I ultimately love is photographing life. The everyday beauty of life; whether it is a small child to a large family, or even a wedding. I think back to all the photoshoots I have shot and everyone I met along the way. When I capture life; professionalism and experience is essential.

DO YOU WANT MORE? Check out my daily life on YouTube!

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